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Fees and Packages

At the Soothing Tortoise our priority is You. Our mission is to help you reduce your tension and stress while promoting a healthy, revitalized and rejuvenated spirit. We are open by appointment, if you cannot come to us, we will happily come to you. Whether it be in your office or home, Yes we are mobile! Are you an athlete? Ask about our Pre-Event, Post-Event Sports Massage service. We also offer military, veteran, community workers and student discounts.  Come on in, relax and let us take care of you.  
Deep Tissue
50 min - $60

The firm pressure that is used in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy focuses on the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue. It is helpful with chronic and tense musculature, such as stiff necks, low back pain and sore shoulders. The benefits include, releases chronic muscle tension, lowers spasms, treats anxiety while lowering blood pressure and improving recovery from injuries.

Swedish Massage
60 minutes - $75

Feeling stressed? Why not indulge yourself with a relaxating Swedish Massage. Known to promote healthy sleep, while decreasing stress and pain, while increasing circulation. to the body. The Swedish Massage is a gentle form of massage, which include long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping. 

Sports Massage
30 min - $35
60 min - $65
Sports Massage
50 min - $60

Our Sports Massage focuses on muscle groups that will benefit the athlete. As we know, the goal of every athlete is to improve performance, whether it be improving range of motion, or increasing oxygen to an injured area to speed up repair.

Prenatal Massage
60 min - $65

Prenatal Massage helps reduce stress, it also relieves back-aches, stiff necks, leg cramps, edema, headaches, encourages blood and lymph circulation and helps reduce stress on weight-bearing joints. Massage will encourage relaxation which will help you sleep in return. 

Chair Massage
Prices Vary
 Pick Your Stone Massage
90 min  - $95

Don't have time to get out of the office? Chair massage helps with reducing stress, decreases anxiey and depression, relieves muscle tension and pain, increases focus, energy, mental clarity and many other benefits. Why not book a Chair Massage Event in your office today? Happy employees make a happy and productive environment.

Why not take the time to Treat Yourself? After all, you deserve it! a 90 minute massage with your choice of either Hot Stones or Himalayan Salt Stones. While benefiting from the positive effects that each different stone has to offer, why not melt off those pesky Trigger Points at the same time?

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